ThirdLaw Technologies LLC

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
- Arthur C. Clarke

Product pipeline

Spiroligomers - New chemical entities with the functional group richness of peptides and ADME properties more like small molecules.

Cando - Computational Chemistry software for designing spiroligomers and other unnatural molecules. Cando is a general front end for the powerful AMBER molecular dynamics package and a drop in replacement for LEAP.

Who we are

ThirdLaw (in reference to Arthur C. Clarke's third law) is a new company centered around a passionate and highly qualified team who have a unique and deep expertise in synthetic and computational chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, biologics and medical devices.

We are developing commercial applications (such as novel diagnostics and drug-like chemical entities) of spiroligomer synthetic technology and the Cando molecular programming software environment

What we do

ThirdLaw develops new molecules to solve some of the toughest challenges of pharmaceutical, biotech and drug discovery. ThirdLaw is developing molecules that combine the good pharmaceutical properties of small molecules with the exquisite selectivity and affinity of peptides and proteins.

How we do it

We are developing a powerful new synthetic platform to create diverse spiroligomers on demand and the software tools to design these complex molecules for applications in diagnostics and medicine. This work is in partnership with Temple University in Philadelphia PA and the Schafmeister group that developed both spiroligomer synthetic technology and the Cando programming environment.

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